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What is Augmented Reality – and How Can I Benefit From It?


We’ve likely all heard of Virtual Reality, or VR, but AR – Augmented Reality – is something which has been quietly ticking away in the background as emerging tech for a number of years now.  Whether it’s a part of cutting edge marketing design or an integral part of mobile games such as Pokémon Go, AR is fast changing the way we interact with users of portable devices.  But what is augmented reality, and how can it be used to your brand’s advantage? Read more

Make Your Product Stand Out with Video Animation

Computer SetupIt’s safe to say that the visual medium is a great way to put across a product or an idea.  Thanks to platforms such as YouTube and video sharing on social media, there’s never been a better time to entice, to encourage and to entertain your public.  Setting up your brand and product line online is not just about writing some killer copy – you’re going to need to work hard to push your branding and your services to the people you really want to reach.  Recent statistics show that people are responding more keenly to video animation and content than static written copy – which of course means that if you’re not already pushing video sales, it’s high time you looked at generating this type of content to embed and to host on all available social media channels.

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We just made an elephant jump – can our new augmented reality service perform a miracle for your business?

We’ve all heard the term ‘augmented reality’ but few have actually realised its possibility for business.
Until now that is.

fenti have spent the last few months developing the capabilities of AR and our new service is set to truly transform the way our clients do business – regularly saving them a small fortune in the process.

We are one of the very few companies in the country to truly harness the marketing potential of AR and introduce it to our clients. The opportunities it opens up are quite incredible with its ability to enhance the real world with the addition of digital content.

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Mobile First Indexing – What Does It Mean For You?

If you’re not already mainly browsing the internet via mobile device, you may actually be going against the popular curve.  It’s been recognised in recent years that more and more of us are taking to our phones and tablets to browse the web, to socialise and to read emails – and why not?  For businesses and brands, however, this has meant thinking long and hard about making big changes to their websites to ensure that they meet mobile-friendly standards and protocols.  Getting your website up and running on mobile is easier than it seems – as well as hugely recommended – and there’s more than a few reasons for this.


Google & Mobile First Indexing

A big reason is, of course, revolving around what Google is currently doing with its ever-changing algorithm.  Google is focusing on mobile first indexing – which means that their crawlers will look for, and analyse, mobile versions of websites first.  This is, it’s being reported, to ensure that the mobile searchers get access to functional and engaging content best suited to their devices first.  While desktop sites may have been considered the norm and the default standard to index for the longest time, things are moving in the direction of portability – and this means you’re going to need to start thinking about whether or not your website and online presence is ready for the mobile revolution. Read more