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First impressions count

When you first meet someone, you have just 7 seconds to make a first impression. That’s not long at all. But, first impressions count, so what can you do to make sure when you meet someone, you make a good impression, a meaningful connection and leave them wanting to know more about you and your business? Get it wrong and it can take several interactions before they start to change their mind about you.

To begin with, think about how you present yourself. Are you standing up straight, making eye contact, do you offer a good firm handshake? Even these simple things can make someone make a snap decision about you. There’s been a lot in the media about ‘personal branding’ and what makes you stand out from the next person. Think about this and what makes you stand out, play to that if it’s a positive. Read more

Help your business sell itself

Making sure that your business, products and services get seen by the audience who need and want to get in touch with you the most is rather like juggling several different plates at once – what’s the best way to engage with people, to promote the best that you can do, and to make sure that people return again and again?  While well-written content and snappy product descriptions are always going to be a winning combination, there’s several schools of thought that maintain the best way to appeal to people is through visual media – photos and videos – and there’s a huge number of knock-on benefits for your business by putting yourself and your services in front of the camera.

Using Videos and Imagery

youtube video iconSelling yourself takes time and effort – and more on top this, there’s the factor of trial and error.  Various studies have shown that, statistically, you are far more likely to connect positively with your audience with genuine photographs showing what you offer and what you can do for them – and video content, too, is just as effective, if not more so, at keeping people’s interest for long periods of time.

Many people associate watching videos with being entertained – and providing your visual content is produced in the right way, you can appeal to the right people for longer than you may anticipate.  Getting people to stay on your website for those crucial few seconds – where visitors can convert to engaged customers – is all about keeping their interest when you’ve managed to grab it in the first place!

Different content each time

You’re going to need to let your business really sell itself through tailor-made video and photo content that shows exactly what you do, how you do it, and how you can improve the lives of those you are attempting to engage with.  Stock photos and footage simply won’t cut it – we’ve all seen the same few faces pop up in the same poses again and again – people love putting faces to the names – it all helps to humanise the experience, and for you, that means the difference between a casual visitor being only vaguely interested and someone who is actively engaged and who stands to benefit from what you can do.

Surely, on paper – the choice is clear – and you’re going to need to partner with a local studio who can really show you off at your best in a wide range of visual formats and mediums.

Get help from the experts

Here at fenti™, we work with all manner of businesses and entrepreneurs in our region to help build visual marketing material that speaks thousands of words in just a couple of glances, or in a few seconds of footage.  Our professional services will help your business seem more human, more approachable, more authoritative – you simply need to engage with your audience on a level that appeals to the right receptors!

For more information on our photography and video packages for business and corporate promotion, call fenti™ Limited today on 0114 2180 626 or drop us an email via web form at your convenience!

The new… but same…

fenti™ is the brand new name for Jigsaw DPM but don’t worry, the team are all still the same… if not bigger and better!

Established in 2010, Marketing agency Jigsaw DPM is reluctantly having to change its name following a trademark dispute and feels the time and money is more worthwhile spending on their treasured customers.

Mark Shipley, Director writes ‘‘Fundamentally we have a trademark challenge and a solution is that we have to change our name. Yes, it’s all very frustrating but we are very much positive thinkers and feel that just maybe, this will be a blessing in disguise and bring a fresh new feel to everything we do.”

The team together over many of days, hours and glasses of wine, have decided on the name fenti™ Limited to take the business forwards. Although we have built up a valued and strong reputation for the Jigsaw DPM brand, a name is but an empty vessel that you bring meaning to with the level of service, products that you offer and the people you work with. At the end of the day, in 3 months time we will all have forgotten anything other than being fenti™… although at the moment if you ring the office there may be a slight pause while we remember the new name!

The fenti™ team are overwhelmed with the level of support that has been received from clients and suppliers alike and all we can do is say thank you.



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The importance of Social Media for your business

It amazes us how many businesses still neglect to use social media to promote their business, talk to customers and increase their brand awareness. To us, it’s a no-brainer to utilise these platforms in your marketing mix? We know from speaking to clients that so many people are just blown away by the whole concept of social media marketing and incorporating it into their business. Cue to call in the professionals perhaps?!

Business HeaderIn an age where everyone is connected and talking, you need to be involved in the conversations. People could be talking about your business right now – this is your opportunity to engage with them.

Social media not only gives you the opportunity to have these direct conversations with your customers, it also gives you the chance to build brand loyalty with and showcase them what is great about your business. These days people expect to be able to have conversations with you via social media, and this should all be part of your customer service engagement too. People expect to be able to jump online and tell you whether something has been great….or not so great. You need to ensure your business is ready to respond and that this feedback isn’t neglected. Get it right and your business will reap the rewards. Plus, who wouldn’t want that insight and feedback from their customers on what they love or want to see improving? This information is gold dust!

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