How Fenti’s specialist Web Developer Sam can enhance your website

Have a problem with your website or system that you’re struggling to solve? Don’t worry, Fenti can fix it!

Our Web Developer Sam joined us just a year ago but has since wowed us with his expertise in coding and tech. After studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computing, Sam decided to focus his proficiency on PHP coding and full-stack web development – Not to mention, gaining accreditations in Professional RIT Tech, an Applied Professional Diploma in Industry, and becoming a member of BCS.

Sam, collaborating with other departments of the Fenti team, often devises solutions to tricky problems, often requiring custom web application development. If you’re currently outsourcing to a third party because your website isn’t up to speed, why not see if Fenti can resolve this and have it working without any hiccups?

Here’s an example of a recent web issue one of our clients had that Sam found a solution to…

How Fenti’s specialist Web Developer Sam can enhance your website - Fenti Marketing

The Problem

Our Client (in the hospitality field) was using a system called ‘ResDiary’ which allows venues and guests to book tables from an easy-to-use system. However, they were facing issues when it came to implementing their table booking system into their existing website.

Fenti’s Assessment

ResDiary provides venues with a widget (a software application that allows the user to interact with an external operating system) that can be used on a business’ website to allow guests to self-book. The widget was not properly tracking conversions for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and needed to be embedded into the site directly, rather than redirecting the customer to a separate page.

The Solution

Sam teamed up with Fenti’s SEO expert, Tom, to determine the best ways they could implement the widget, allowing the form to be tracked via the implemented SEO tools.

Sam researched how the widget was constructed, so he could then design a WordPress ‘plugin’ (software add-on that is installed on a program to enhance its capabilities) for the Client’s site. The decision was taken to develop a shortcode as part of the plugin to allow the widget to be placed anywhere on the site.

Our Next Step

Currently, the plugin can only be embedded into a single page; but Sam has innovative plans to elevate it so that it will be compatible with Elementor Blocks and allow ease of use on other pages and websites that are using the editor. He’s impressive, right?


“This plugin has allowed us to accurately measure the submissions for all of the bookings that our client takes which provides us with useful goal data, which we can then relay to our clients in order to fully track conversions.” – Tom, Digital Marketing Executive.

If this sounds familiar to your business or you have any further web issues you can’t figure out, our tech wizard Sam, along with the rest of our team, can use their expertise to solve your problem… even if it means curating a brand-new plug-in!

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